April 11, 2011

New Painting... "Whole OJ"

I'm alternating the Toy Story series with a few other subjects.  If the Toy Stories series is as special to you as it is to me... I'll be getting back to it next :)

I thought I'd do the vintage fiesta chartreuse bowl again - this time with a cut orange in it.  Here's the still life set up:  


I drew it out yesterday on a 6x6 canvas.
This is much smaller than the "Three Amigos" peppers painting shown in progress earlier on this blog.  My goal it to have it completed with in two days...  Here's my progress for today:

Just laying in the paint at this time... no major detail yet.  I'm not sure about the design on the curtain in my drawing ... it may be a bit too close to the center.  

Here it is with the background curtain... I did make an adjustment on the center motif so it wasn't smack dab in the middle of the canvas but it still  needs more adjustment  and detail.  I'm thinking a little more strategically placed  crimson buds...but will have to work on it tomorrow...


  1. This is looking good. You are really on the ball. :)

  2. Thanks Sherry! I embellished the color in the voile drape a bit.. :)