April 27, 2011

Toy Stories - Staking a Tinker - WIP #8

We're in the home stretch!  There are still a few more details to capture before it's ready to sign but I'm nearly there... :)   I'm posting a little early today as I have an appointment in Georgetown; however, if I still have some energy left when I get home later tonight... I'll continue.  I've noticed the tinkers bead head looks a bit blurry... his features are just about rubbed off from age (I guess at 84 years old - I'd be pale too!)
I intend to see what I can do about it - and still maintain the age appearance.  Also added are the broken string sections (around the neck, on the hub and wrapped around the axle.  and the horse has what appears to be a beard (lol) but I'm sure that's not what it is... I painted it in anyway...