June 13, 2011

Jack "Surprise" Finished

This is a bit redundant since the finished piece is shown to the right of this blog; but, in case I should decide to change out the photo on the right,  I want to make sure the WIP is taken to the finished state.   I hope to get back on track this week.  I'll be posting the preliminary pics of my next work in the morning.

June 11, 2011

Jack "Surprise" WIP #4

Almost finished with Jack.  Added in the front decal and more wood grain effects.  The tongue and groove marks on the sides really added a realistic touch.  I played around with the highlights on his nose and forehead.  Since I'm "making" a new nose, I'm still not 100% satisfied with how it looks so I find myself returning to it to make minor adjustments every few minutes... (sometimes it's just hard to leave well enough a lone... :))

June 6, 2011

Jack "Surprise" WIP #3

I've let too many things distract me this month...  I'll soon be able to get back into the swing of things - so don't give up on me yet. :).   I promise to get back to my blog a day routine...

Had a wonderful exhibit opening at the Art Off the Square in Georgetown last Friday night.  A great turnout.  Guests and those out for a summer night stroll around the Georgetown courthouse  square stopped by for wine, ice cold punch and  hor dourves.  New exhibit openings occur each first Friday of the month hope you can join us sometime.

Here is the next in the work in progress pic of Jack "Surprise".    Wood detail has been added and more reflections over his head.  The brass latch was added - but the original is broken.  I'm going to paint it as I see it...

Here ya go...

I'm convinced I need to work on something like this soon.  But first I plan on painting something traditional.  I found  a really cool odd shaped frame (3" x 11.5");  I've stretched a custom canvas for it;  and,  have something in mind to do on it first.  

June 1, 2011

Jack "Surprise" WIP - 2

Part of the problem I had with Jack is the toy came to me with a crushed nose.  I had to re-invent his face and with those mischievous eyes... well  putting a nose  on him wasn't that easy.   Challenging but fun...

After his nose was in place, I worked on the top of the box which had a multitude of color in the shadows from his flesh color and red hat.  The image (decal) on the side was a bit tricky since it was at an angle so I relied on my PD (proportional divider) to help on getting it as close as I could..