November 9, 2011

A Fall Pear and Grapes

I'm getting back to painting after a very emotional few weeks.  My Mom passed away.  I'll miss her very much - I already do.

Painting is not only a passion for me - it's a major diversion.  I can sit at the easel for hours on end and completely loose track of time.    This used to scare me - but now,  I treasure the gift and embrase it.

I painted a carafe  with grapes a few weeks ago as a study and feel the grapes lacked depth.  I may rework them and post it later.

Here is my latest - A Fall Pear and Grapes.   I really liked the fact that this painting has all three types (and colors) of grapes...  I also love the new color I've added to my palette - Olive Green...  The pear and grapes are painted life size - canvas size is 8x10.


  1. This is a stunning piece, Shirley! I especially like the branch creating that diagonal. It adds so much drama. And don't forget that art has the power to heal those wounded places caused by the loss of a loved one. You are in my prayers.

  2. Sorry about you mom ...great job on this painting...Dan

  3. Beautiful painting Shirley, as always! I am so sorry about your mom, they're so special. ~s

  4. Thank you all! I appreciate your comments and encouragement.