March 7, 2012

Shelf Sitters

One in the Toy Stories Series... but this one is different.  I ran across these little guys on Ebay.  Hand carved and hand painted.  Out side of that,  the sellers didn't know anything specific (where they were from, etc.).  Sold as primitive (or antique) and they look it!    A little worse for wear (for this painting I corrected some paint loss)  they have a character of their own.  They sat and patiently waited in my still life box for days while I completed another project.  I have a few tweaks I needed to do and will post an updated and signed painting once I get it ready.  I hope you find them as much fun as I do...

Size 14x18 - Oil on Linen Canvas

I haven't been able to find the origin of these little guys so if any of you out there have any ideas... I'd love to know.

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