May 20, 2012

Strawberries in Cordial glass

Hi friends... This post is a bit delayed - I've been a bit distracted lately with a lot activity.  I went to the Greenhouse Gallery last week to pick up the painting "The Delicious Subject".  Before going I did complete another small work - just hadn't posted it yet.  I've also been working on a larger painting - a still life which I will be posting later this week.  Back to topic -

This beautiful Cordial glass is slightly tinted blue - you'll notice the strawberries in the glass have a bit of a frosted blueish purple look to them as a result.   I purchased the cordials at an auction - there are six total and  four various colors.  You'll be seeing the others in the future.  I love the lines of this glass... hope you enjoy what I've done with it...  The painting will be framed floater style in a custom frame.

Strawberry Sundae
5x5 - Oil on Linen panel
Custom Frame -Float style (approx 11 x 11) 

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  1. Well done, Shirley! That is a lot of detail for a 5 x 5 so I commend you for meeting the challenge. Stunning!