July 11, 2012

Plein Air - North Carolina

Just returned from a four day Plein Air  outing in North Carolina with several artist friends (Garry Kravit and Althea Heaton).  It was an amazing experience to see the plush greenery, waterfalls, lakes, mountain streams and mountain scenes.  Every where we turned another painting opportunity - very hard to narrow down what to capture on canvas.  I completed several studies and am sharing a couple of them here.  Both are painted on  a linen covered baltic birch panel -  8x10.    I plan to turn these two studies into larger pieces this summer along with a few other scenes of the area.

One of the studies shown here is a woodlands scene and the other is of an iron bridge.  We set up on a wood bridge to capture the woodlands scene and on the rocks at creekside to view the bridge, stream and incredible rock formations.  Each of us gravitated to a different scene and all of them captured the moment.  (I LOVE my EASyL lite Plein air prochade  and easel I purchased at Artworkessentials !  It made the adventure  so enjoyable!)

Thanks to my friend Garry Kravit and his wife Karen who made this event possible and to both Garry and Althea who made the experience unforgettable!  Check out Garry's blog site for additional pics.

The Woodlands Scene

The Iron Bridge


  1. Wow and these are studies? You are an amazing painter!

  2. Thanks Tam. I'm addicted to detail! Can't stay away from it! :)