October 5, 2012

The Landing and the Plane

It's been a busy Summer.  Now that I'm able to spend more time in the studio, I hope to post more regularly and share what I've been doing.  I recently purchased this amazing antique toy airplane in an antique shop in Colorado Springs, Co.   I decided to paint it two ways -  as a display and in flight "coming in for  a landing".  the pieces used for the assembly of the plane fascinate me and broken down, you can see tin metal from old signs  used for the body of the plane and the propellers (crimped so the young recipient of this amazing toy wouldn't get cut);  hand carved wood pieces (wing, fuselage  and wheels); and crown bottle caps (which surprisingly date back to the 1800's)  for the hubs.  I just fell in love with it!

20x20 on oil primed linen

16x20 on oil primed linen

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