September 14, 2014

Bosque Arts Center - Clifton, Tx

Went to the awards dinner of the 29th Annual Bosque Art Center Exhibit last night.  What a wonderful treat!  The quality of art was so impressive and the warmth of the members of the art council and guest was moving.   Three of my pieces were juried into the show and what an honor to walk into a crowded room and discover that  one of them, "Embroidered Treasure" had not only won the First Time Entrant Award but the Gold Award  for the Oil/Acrylic category and it had sold!   Another entry, "It's Appealing" had also sold!  What a wonderful event and evening!

 "Embroidered Treasure"

"It's Appealing"

September 10, 2014

Oil Painters of America Western Regional Exhibit - Mountainsong Gallery at Carmel-by-the-Sea

I've been a little  delinquent sharing some wonderful  things that have happened during this summer - one of which is the selection of "Blue Enamel & Eggs w/Slotted Spoon", to be in the Oil Painters of America Western Region Exhibit! I've posted a picture here...I'm also thrilled to share that it was chosen (along with another one which I'll post soon) as a finalist in the 2014 Artist Magazine  Annual Art competition ... with over 7,500 entries this year!

Blue Enamel & Eggs
w/Slotted Spoon
If interested in this work - please contact artist

May 27, 2014

Ever painted Lace?

When I paint clothe, I  learn so much about  values and  how they impact  form. This painting  pairs clothe with a  basket of eggs - mixed browns and creamy whites.    I used the chiaroscuro technique which I'm drawn to.  I love the drama the  shadows and light create with this method.

Eggs & Battenburg
14 x 22

April 22, 2014

Painting Lemons

I'm always amazing at how many colors are  "hidden" in  objects we  tend think of as being pretty much  just one main color.   When painting lemons  for this  piece - it provided the color surprises I've learned to look for in my still life set ups.  When matching colors for both the lemons and silver, I discovered shades of mauve, lilac and red along with various shades of yellow.  

To add to it's interest... I  decided to include some silver items in this still life.  I have only painted silver once before and found it to be challenging...especially in an all black studio with controlled lighting.    I'm planning to use silver more often so I can study reflections and the way light affects if any of you have some silver objects you care to loan... please speak up...:)  

Oh..this painting is still wet so you'll notice a few areas that have "sunken in",  which will be corrected once it's completely dry and  varnished.  :)

Silver & Lemons
14 x 16

March 31, 2014

New Gallery Representation!

I'm excited to  announce that my work can now be seen at Joe Wade Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe.  Joe Wade Fine Art Gallery (JWFA) has  been in Santa Fe for over 40 years and display an amazing collection of fine art created by: Dan Bodleson, Wayne Cooper,  R.A. Day, Charles Fenner Ball,  Richard Boyer, Sean Conrad - to name a few (the list goes on and on... :).   Check out the JWFA web page to see the complete list of outstanding artist!  They are located on the corner of Water St just off the Plaza (Old Santa Fe)

I left several pieces of work with Judy Wade (Gallery Owner) including:

Blue, Silk, & Mandarins
Contact Gallery for purchasing details

March 14, 2014

Books & Trinket Box

It's been a few weeks since my last post and I wanted to  post  some new work I'm recently completed.   I hope to keep a better handle on tis blog in the upcoming months.  Thank you for your patience with me!  Here is the  first of several.  The book ends were found in an antique store.  I hadn't seen any like them before so they caught my eye...most of you know, I love the  unusual and unique character of old things.   They alone inspire me...:).  The antique trinket box was a gift from a friend.

Books & Trinket Box
14 x 16
Oil on Linen

February 5, 2014

2014 Salon International

The results of this years selected entries for the 2014 Salon International are in!  I'm pleased to announce that "Embroidered Treasure" has been selected to be a part of the exhibit!   There were 980 entries of which 214 were selected.  This year's presiding judge will be Master painter David Leffel!

The Salon International is held at the Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art in San Antonio, Texas.   I'm thankful it isn't  far away for me and I hope to  attend the awards dinner again this year.   It's always great to  see the staff and the entries which are always better in person.

Embroidered Treasure
Oil o Linen

January 7, 2014

Southwest Art Magazine "30 Winning Artist" article! January 2014 Issue

I am so honored to have been chosen to be featured in the January '14 issue of Southwest Art Magazine as one of the 30 Winning Artist  "Artist Magazine's 30th Annual Art Competition".    In case you  don't subscribe,  (It's a Wonderful Magazine!)  I've posted the article here for you to  see.  Enjoy!