April 22, 2014

Painting Lemons

I'm always amazing at how many colors are  "hidden" in  objects we  tend think of as being pretty much  just one main color.   When painting lemons  for this  piece - it provided the color surprises I've learned to look for in my still life set ups.  When matching colors for both the lemons and silver, I discovered shades of mauve, lilac and red along with various shades of yellow.  

To add to it's interest... I  decided to include some silver items in this still life.  I have only painted silver once before and found it to be challenging...especially in an all black studio with controlled lighting.    I'm planning to use silver more often so I can study reflections and the way light affects it...so if any of you have some silver objects you care to loan... please speak up...:)  

Oh..this painting is still wet so you'll notice a few areas that have "sunken in",  which will be corrected once it's completely dry and  varnished.  :)

Silver & Lemons
14 x 16